looker63님의 주요 정보
신장>> 6'3" [195센티미터]
무게250 - 300 파운드 [115 - 135 킬로그램]
나를 흥분 시키는 것
Am a breast lover not big or small just breasts.
내 소개
Fun, loving guy until messed with then the wolf.
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
Women who play games with lies and confusion. Be straight with me I reward with the same.
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💋💋💋 ⓉⒽⒶⓃⓀ ⓎⓄⓊ 💋💋💋
20. 1. 6.
Thank you for supporting me top 32! You are the best ! Kiss you )💋
19. 12. 30.
Пусть Новый год несёт Вам радость,
Любовь и счастье, жизни сладость.
Любовь родных пусть окрыляет,
Весь год от бед оберегает!
А добрый, сказочный Мороз,
Пусть Вам подарит: счастья воз,
Бочонок сказочных эмоций,
Здоровья, эдак, сотни порций!
А добрый, дивный экипаж -
Умчит Ваш жизненный багаж:
Печали, боль и все ненастья,
Оставив Вам, только только - счастье!
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just lovely and gently man :) kisss
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For your help and attention
I sincerely thank you.
Thank you for your understanding,
I will keep it in my heart.
For your good aspirations
Let fate give thanks.
Always to you everywhere, no doubt
Good luck, please!
Happy Thanksgiving!) Kisses!)
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very nice person, i like u kiss and hug :))
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when you come to my chat room, I feel support and protection) thank you for your strong shoulder, which I felt more than once
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Im so happy to have such a great person like you! Thank you!
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Thank you very much my dear friend for your support in the top 100!) I am always grateful for your help! And for sure you always help me)